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To Be Healthy in General
-Drink lots of water every day. Everyone needs different amounts of water. But 2 liters per day for men is generally a good rule. You can put a 2 liter glass container of water in the refrigerator each morning and drink it dry by the end of the day. Also drink 8 oz water before bed and 8 oz again as soon as you arise from bed in morning.
-Exercise every other day. But walk some every day. Stay active.
-Drink only natural drinks such as water, fruit and vegetable juices. And a little alcohol on occasion is good for your health, but do NOT in excess, don't get dehydrated or hung over. Do NOT drink daily unless it's just 12 oz or less.
-Get plenty of sleep. 8-9 hours per night. Do NOT sleep in the daytime unless you work 3rd shift. When trying to sleep, turn off all the lights. It's very important to sleep in the dark. Your body is designed by JEsus to work better and heal better when you sleep in the dark. Turn off all televisions and radio and phones. Electronic signals can interfere with restful sleep. Try to sleep with the temperature a little cool. Your body will heal better (grow muscles, etc) with a slightly cool temperature.
-Eat right. Eat as many fruits and vegetable as you can, and only a little bit of meat each day. We DO need meat. But only a small amount per day. The majority of your food should be fruits and vets, including some raw every day. Be sure that all meat is fully cooked. Pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc is all good. But only in moderation.
-Eat/drink ONLY organic as much as possible.
-Grow your own foods as much as possible.
-Keep a journal of your weight on a monthly basis.
-Eat all natural organic herbs, spices, peppers, berries, etc.
-Avoid all food coloring as much as possible.
-Avoid all high fructose corn syrup.
-Avoid all corn syrup unless it's marked organic.
-Avoid ALL soy, even organic. Soy is for women, NOT MEN!

To Lose Weight
-Follow all the advice in the "To Be Healthy in General" section above. Plus:
-Walk every day. Exercise every other day. Include some fast motion in some of your exercises/walks. Get your heartbeat up. Sweat dude sweat! Let it pour! Working out with a buddy makes everything easier and is motivating.
-Stay active. Move around. Don't use the remote control. Get up and manual control the TV, etc.
-Watch your meal size proportions. You only need a little of each item on your plate. Eat only until you are full, but NOT real full.
-Stay away from starchy foods and white foods such as potatoes, white bread, cow's milk, rice.
-Stay away from high fat foods & high calorie foods such as peanut butter, canned fish, cookies, cakes, sweets, potatoes, white breads, cheese, pizza and fast food.
-Keep a journal of your weight on a monthly basis.
-Drink green tea. (no sugar, no corn syrup)
-Sprinkle black pepper on everything you eat.
-Avoid all sugar.
-Drink 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar every day. You can mix it in water, juice or food.

To Gain Weight
-Follow all the advice in the "To Be Healthy in General" section at the top.
-Eat small meals/snacks or healthy drinks every 3-4 hours. Eat oatmeal and/or peanut butter before bedtime.
-Work out with heavy weights. The heavier the better.
-Follow all the advice in the "To Build Muscle/Strength" section below AND the "To Be Healthy in General" section at the top.
-Keep a journal of your weight on a monthly basis.
-Continue to get plenty of calories and protein every day, on workout days AND on rest days. Eat, Eat, Eat!
-Eat nuts, peanut butter, cashew or almond milk, sweet potatoes.

To Gain Strength/Muscles
-Follow all the advice in the "To Be Healthy in General" section at the top.
-Eat/drink large amounts of protein foods/drinks.
-Work out every other day. NOT every day. Only every other day. Use Heavy weights. As heavy as possible. More weight, less reps. You want to make your muscles sore. Then eat/drink lots of protein to help the body rebuild the torn/sore muscles.
-Get plenty of sleep. Your muscles heal and grow while sleeping. Rest good on the days between workouts.

7 Minute beginner workout.

Then as you get stronger, you can try the ones below.
5 minute ab workout. Some of these exercises are pretty hard to do! They are easier done on a good surface like the floor with a mat as shown in the video, and just wearing shorts so that your cloths do not interfere with movement. If you can only do just SOME of the exercises shown, that's better than nothing. This is definitely a good workout!

Another 5 minute work out at

NEW: Bodybuilding Video Playlist
In the following link are several great YouTube videos about proper men's bodybuilding workout techniques and advice. I add more videos to this playlist often. Please visit the playlist often to find more great recommended videos to grow muscle! Men only!
Click here to visit my playlist of videos of men's bodybuilding.

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